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by Off Scale High

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Sergio Potenza
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Sergio Potenza Cambridge dictionary for "hooked": enjoying something so much that you are unable to stop having it, watching it, doing it, etc.
Well, I feel superhooked on this short EP. Magnificent! At the end of the 4 tracks I feel sort of abandoned because I'd want more.. so quite often, I push play on repeat. And well, Fulness Of Time might as well be part of Entheogenic's Spontaneous Illumination; perfect beauty captured in musical form. 9.5/10


Off Scale High
"Moving Parts" ep.

Off Scale High are a duo with a mightily impressive collective reputation and pedigree already under their belts, with Vinny playing bass for Ozric Tentacles and Matty playing keyboards for Celtica. Combined, these two talented musicians have toured extensively across the UK, Europe and the States, left their mark on many a festival and headlined as many gigs... you can read more about their history @

They describe their music as a "live fusion of electronica and strings"... but I would class it more along the lines of "21st century electronic psychedelicia", incorporating healthy additions of ethno/world infuences, with dubby overtones, squelchy frequencies aided by solid but infectious mid tempo trancey and tribal beats.

"Moving Parts" is their debut 4 track EP release for The Beats Bizarre and it's a veritable smörgåsbord of delights... a collection of tunes filled with modern day psychedelia and space rock, that will keep the most tenacious audiophile happy.

Opening with "Fullness of Time", a dubbed up bass line provides the back bone with the solid rhythm, accompanied by ethereal frequencies as they compliment the track progression, inviting the listener in, teasing almost.
"Burp" adds a fine infectious groove along with an opening vocal sample that drops in and out with a haunting subtley that provides a certain addiction like a moth to a flame. A solid selection of beats keep this tune on track and heading in the right direction.
The eastern influences on "Aloo Gobi" explores another direction for the Infernal Machines, taking the eastern instrumentation and expanding the horizon while still drawing on the electronic for the perfect accompaniment, which elevates the track further.
Finally, "Snapping Turks" continue with the orchestrated ethno/eastern influences with an uptempo trancer that will have your feet tapping immediately, the squelchy b-lines and drifting frequencies all add to the infectious feel of this track.

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Mastered by Adam Goodlett @ Re:Creation Studio


released September 12, 2016



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